“If you want it, here you find, friendship, support, warmth, reading, technology, good food, music and games. And a great staff!!!!

A.V. Washington D.C. area Guest

Founded by MCV Hospital Auxiliary in 1984, The Doorways (formerly Hospital Hospitality House) was first located in Zeigler House, a 28-bed, eight-room 19th century brownstone located two blocks from MCV Hospitals. In order to provide lodging for more guests, the house moved in 1994 to a 121-room renovated hotel at its current location of 7th and Marshall Streets.

The Doorways, an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is one of the oldest hospitality houses in the U.S. It is the 3rd largest in the country and is the largest that operates on donations only.

Quick Facts


There are over 100 guest rooms. The 5th floor is dedicated to adult transplant patients and caregivers, and the 8th floor is dedicated to pediatric patients and caregivers. Guests have access to four fully stocked kitchens, a library with over 3,000 books, a 24-hour laundry room, five kitchens, lounge areas, a fitness center and a chapel. The Doorways is open 24 hours a day – 365 days a year. Most guests are from Virginia, but The Doorways has served families in medical crisis from all 50 states and from 31 foreign countries.

There are over 112 guest rooms.

150,000+ = number of guests since 1985
7,000 = approximate number of guests a year
150 = average number of guests per night
7 = average number of days a guest stays


The Doorways provides safe, affordable, comfortable lodging for families in medical crisis. A unique sense of camaraderie exists among guests as all are in medical crisis – and often hundreds of miles away from home. Two part-time social workers on staff at The Doorways provide counseling and support when needed.

Volunteers / Staff

Volunteers provide over 14,000 hours a year to help keep facility staff numbers low – only 22 full-time staff and 9 part-time staff.