Make a Difference

Give. Volunteer. Share.


Every dollar makes a difference in the well-being of thousands who enter our doors
each year. Your generous financial gifts create a sense of home for our guests in
medical crisis and touch their lives in remarkable ways.

  • Giving comforts.

$25 provides a warm blanket or pillow for a
guest room.
$300 provides bed sheets, towels and linens for
1 guest room with 4 guests.

  • Giving nourishes.

$50 helps stock our pantries and kitchen with
supplies that allow guests to prepare and enjoy
healthy meals with donated food during their

  • Giving connects.

$50 provides Internet and cable services for one
day so that guests can stay in touch with loved
ones, watch TV and relax after a stressful day at
the hospital.

  • Giving Recharges.

$100 provides two nights of safe and
comfortable lodging to a veteran, child,
transplant, cancer, or other guest as they
undergo lifesaving care.

  • Giving refreshes body and spirit.

$50 provides laundry and cleaning supplies to
safeguard the health of our guests and help
them feel their best.

  • Giving soothes.

$100 covers the cost to provide water for a
relaxing bath, shower and everyday personal
care during their stay.
$250 provides electricity and gas for one day to
keep our guests warm and cool.

  • Giving meets every day needs.

$75 provides basic paper products that every
home needs for one day, including paper towels,
toilet paper, z-fold towels and tissues.

  • Give the feeling of home.

Help someone find hope and healing in The
Doorways’ home-like setting. Donate today!

Your Gift Helps Our Guests – Click Each Image to Read Their Story!

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Pediatric Guest



Transplant/Caregiver Guest



Breast Cancer Guest



Bone Marrow Transplant Guest


Donations keep our doors open.
The Doorways is the only hospitality house in the country that operates on donations alone. The per-guest, per-night cost for lodging and full amenities is about $50; however, each guest is only asked
for a suggested donation of $15 per guest per night. More than 50% of our guests still cannot afford
this discounted cost. And no guest is ever turned away because of the inability to pay.