Happy Holidays from Hospital Hospitality House

We have a great deal to be thankful for this Holiday Season, and we don’t have many requests this year.  Sure, we could always use a little more laundry detergent and some more volunteers to share time with our guests.  And it would be great if we could manage some nights with a higher vacancy rate at Hospital Hospitality House of Richmond, but this is what we do and we’re glad to do it.

2012 has been, though, a banner year.  We haven’t totaled the numbers, but it seems that we have had a ton of people coming by to cook a meal, call bingo, or engage our guests in song.  We’ve had amazing donations of supplies and funds to help us in our mission, and in one case, an entire truckload of paper goods from Georgia Pacific.  We had great turnouts for our Fancy Hat Party, for our Gilbane Restaurant Walk, and our Savor Dinner.  We met wonderful friends, old and new, and raised funds that will get us into 2013 with a little less pain.

Maybe that’s what we need for Christmas this year:  A promise of continued success for next year?  That spirit of giving that so many have shown this past year.

We are one of the largest Hospitality Houses in America.  We’re one of the oldest.  We are also the largest in the country that survives solely upon your generosity.  And the folks who come to us in their time of need are the true recipients of this generosity.

It’s relatively easy to put someone up for the night.  Change the sheets and give them a key.  It’s harder to supply them with food, toiletries, and the few items that they may have missed in their trip to the hospital.  It’s harder still to provide them with a sense of security and fellowship when they’re under the strain of medical crisis.

And this is where so many of you become so vitally important.

We need for all of you to continue to help us in the coming year.  Our wish list comes close to being full with your donations of goods, but it never goes away.  A donation like a truckload clears a hurdle, but it eventually runs out.  An event helps us to raise funds, but we have to pay the bills in January just like all of you.  A group cooking dinner makes for a great evening, but we still try to plan something for tomorrow.

All of that being said, we’re getting ready for Santa.  There are cookies to bake, presents to wrap, and we’re trying to warm up for some Carols.  We’re going to do our best to make this a wonderful holiday for our guests.  You are all in our hearts and thoughts as you join with family and friends.  We hope that we’re in yours.

Happy Holidays from Hospital Hospitality House of Richmond.

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