Gifts Come In All Shapes and Sizes

For many, Hospital Hospitality House of Richmond is like a great secret.  Many of our guests come to us as referrals, and we talk to many who say, I wish that I had known about you when

Well, we’re here and stay pretty full, so we must be providing a needed service and doing a few things right.  Other than some fresh paint from time to time and more vacancies, we wouldn’t really change much.

Waitscratch that.  We always need something.

We sent out a message to our Facebook friends earlier in the week that we were facing a shortage of paper towels.  Granted, we received an entire truckload of paper products from our generous friends at Georgia Pacific last year, but things like paper towels and dish soap seem to go so quickly, and you never realize that you’re out until you’re out.  Our Wish List is full of these seemingly trivial things.  But they’re really essential to the every-day needs of our guests.

Georgia Pacific, by the way, is also not the only business or corporate entity that offers us help.  Gilbane is a real estate development and construction company based in Rhode Island.  They are one of the largest family-owned real estate firms in the country, with offices all over America.  Their group here in Richmond sponsors our annual Restaurant Walk.  And the folks of BB&T, the bankers, are frequent volunteers here, offering everything from some home cooking to that fresh coat of paint we asked for.

Here’s the real secret of Hospitality House:  While there is some notoriety to being one of the oldest such organizations in America, and certainly one of the largest, we are also the biggest to survive solely from the largesse and donations of the public.  We don’t get huge government grants and we don’t have a super-secret billionaire angel.  We count on groups like Georgia Pacific, Gilbane, BB&T, and quite frankly, you.  And sometimes this generosity means more than some baked beans, an hour with a paintbrush or a roll of paper towels.  Sometimes this means money.

We do sometimes get extremely generous gifts from groups and individuals in the form of honorariums or stocks, and we would certainly accept any sized gift, but more often than not, these monetary donations trickle in – a few dollars here, and a few dollars there.  But make no mistake – these small donations truly add up!

HHHHatParty2012 1One of the easiest ways to make a financial donation to Hospitality House has a bit of fun attached to it:  Our annual Fancy Hat Party!  If you’ve not been, we gather for a luncheon, enjoy each other’s company, and wear fantastic and ridiculous hats.  We also bring in an inspirational speaker for each party (and our inspiration often comes in the form of chuckles, snickers and guffaws!).  Over the past 14 years, we’ve welcomed fashion icon Steven Cojocaru, First Daughter Jenna Bush Hager and news personality Lynn Scherr.  This year’s soiree will be on May 10 at the Science Museum of Virginia, and we’re anxious to meet our guest, Debbie Phelps, mother of Olympic medalist Michael Phelps.

If luncheons and silly hats aren’t your cup of tea, our Next Generation Leadership team has organized a Hats Off Party.  It will be the evening of May 9, also at the Science Museum, and will feature the band Three Sheets to the Wind.  If you’ve not seen them, they are extremely popular and masters of yacht rock, so we would imagine you could wear a Hawaiian shirt in lieu of a hat.

The best part about these two events is that the proceeds from each will benefit Hospital Hospitality House of Richmond.  And your commitment is negligible.  You simply have to buy a ticket, show up, and then enjoy yourself.  Trust us, you’ll feel better afterwards.HHHHatParty2012 2

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