Hospital Hospitality House is now The Doorways

At the end of a long day, there’s nothing like walking through the door into the comfort of home; a restful safe haven where body, mind and spirit can relax and renew.

Since 1984, it’s been the mission of the Hospital Hospitality House of Richmond (HHH), our generous partners, staff and volunteers, to provide this same refuge and respite to patients and families experiencing medical crisis far from home. In those 30 years, over 148,000 guests have come through our doors to receive compassion, hope and support in their time of uncertainty and need. In that time, HHH also has seen healthcare change significantly, and with it, the many needs of its guests.

We paused in 2014 to carefully consider these changes and what we must do to prepare for the next 30 years while preserving the traditions set forth by their founders and loyal supporters.  It starts with changing the name of Hospital Hospitality House.

Now known as The Doorways, our new name is part of our enhanced brand identity adopted in 2014 as a result of the extensive research and strategic planning led by our Board of Directors and the thoughtful input from our stakeholders. The Doorways represents a place between healing and home. It preserves our history as a refuge of compassion and support for those who need to be close to the hospital but not far from the feeling of home. It opens the opportunity to connect with supporters who share our passion for helping others. And it reflects our belief that behind every doorway is a story of hope, help and healing.

Since the MCV Hospital Auxiliary founded the House in 1984, The Doorways has always kept pace with the changing needs of our guests. What started in an eight-room, 19th-century brownstone evolved into the 112-room facility it is today, making it one of the oldest guest homes in the U.S., the third largest in the country and the largest that operates solely on donations.

To continue meeting our guests’ newer, more modern needs, we plan to reshape The Doorways’ future by:

  • Making the invisible, visible – We will bring our house and its dedicated supporters to the forefront of the philanthropy community and expand our reputation for excellent and cost effective services.
  • Communicating our real needs – We will tell our compelling story and create a rally call that engages the community and encourages ongoing financial and volunteer support as well as gifts-in-kind for our guests.
  • Making our house unique, not generic – We will transform our house into a modern, home-like setting that promotes healing.

Thank you! Your continued support allows us to maintain long-term growth and provide an essential service to our area healthcare partners. More importantly, you’re helping us open doors so that those experiencing medical crisis can find comfort and compassion in a place between home and healing.

One Comment On “Hospital Hospitality House is now The Doorways”

  1. Sara Wood Adkins

    In the year of 1996, you all helped me an my mom stay in Richmond to get medical treatments for my cancer at age 17. If it wasn’t for this place my treatment would have never been possible for living 6 hours away from Richmond. I had radiation 5 days a week, that’s for MVC and The doorways, I have a life and live cancer free still today. May God bless you all 100 times over as God and you all have blessed me.
    Thanks to you all,
    Sara Wood Adkins


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