The Doorways


Experiencing a medical crisis is hard enough. Dealing with it away from home can make it even harder.

That’s why we do what we do.

The Doorways provides a healing, emotionally supportive environment for those who need to be close to the hospital but not far from the feeling of “home.” We’re Richmond’s premier provider of temporary lodging and non-medical services to patients and their families referred through our participating Richmond-area hospital partners, including:

  • VCU Health
  • Veterans Affairs Medical Center
  • Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU
  • Virginia Treatment Center for Children
  • Sheltering Arms Hospital
  • HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Virginia
  • Retreat Hospital
  • Hospice of Virginia
  • Veritas Collaborative

Inside Our Doors

Our guests will find a healing, emotionally supportive environment in a place where community generosity and compassionate care come together. There are also:

  • 112 private rooms with baths
  • Dedicated floors for pediatric and transplant patients
  • Fully stocked kitchens, pantry and family dining rooms
  • TV lounges, a library, chapel, fitness room and 24-hour laundry room

We Believe…

We believe in generosity.
We believe in the simple truth that everyone needs help eventually.
We believe that it’s our joy in life to improve the lives of others.
We believe in the human spirit, the stubborn oh-yes-I-will determination that trumps any get-well-soon card.
We believe in being there until we’re not needed instead of leaving when we get tired.
We are absolutely certain that we can love people we don’t know.
We regret that we have only one life to spend in the service of others.
We believe life is meant to be shared.
We refuse to turn anyone away.
We are continually impressed by the people of Richmond.
We think Southern hospitality is a universal life skill, not a regional curiosity.
And when there’s nothing more we can do, we’ll do more. Give More. Love more.
We are The Doorways. Between healing and home.

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