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Elysia Jaeger

Assistant Front Desk Manager

Elysia moved to Richmond in 1998 from Northern Virginia. Elysia enjoys being a mom to her amazing daughter, as well as her dog and plant babies. She thrives in and around nature, her happiest place. Before coming to The Doorways, Elysia was an educator for 20 years. She is eager to serve our community and inspire people while smiling and showcasing her creativity and passion for helping people.

Fun Facts

My First Job
Childcare teacher at a fitness center

Gardening, experimenting with new cuisines, traveling to the beach/river/mountains, crafting, and spending time with those I love

Favorite Spot Around Town
The Pipeline on the James River and my secret river spot in Hanover County

Favorite Season
FALL! I love the colors and the smell in the air and most importantly, Halloween!

My Favorite Line of Our Mantra
“We think southern hospitality is a universal life skill, not a regional curiosity.”