How It All Started

In 1983, the compassionate members of the MCV Hospital Auxiliary purchased a dormitory style 19th-century brownstone, the Zeigler House (located a block away from MCV Hospital) with a mission: to provide lodging for patients who had to travel to Richmond for critical medical treatment.

Ziegler House
Group of Women Standing in front of Ziegler House

The 28-bed facility, then known as the MCV/VCU Hospital Hospitality House, served patients and their caregivers until 1994 when the need to accommodate more guests increased.

That’s when our current 117-bed hotel located at 612 East Marshall Street in downtown Richmond was renovated and opened, still just 5 blocks from what is now VCU Health.

The Doorways Today

In April 2015, the MCV/VCU Hospital Hospitality House became The Doorways.

As the second largest healthcare hospitality house in the nation, a major reason we exist is to help provide support to those that might have to choose between getting the care they need or keeping a roof over their head and food on the table.

Guest Speaking with Front Desk at The Doorways

Welcome to The Doorways

We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year providing the physical, informational and emotional support our guests need. We rely on donations and volunteers to keep making a difference in the health of our communities.

Our Mantra

We believe in generosity.

We believe in the simple truth that everyone needs help eventually.We believe that it’s our joy in life to improve the lives of others.We believe in the human spirit, the oh-yes-I-will determination that trumps any get-well-soon card.We believe in being there until we’re not needed instead of leaving when we get tired.We are absolutely certain that we can love people we don’t know.

We regret that we have only one life to spend in the service of others.

We believe life is meant to be shared.We refuse to turn anyone away.We are continually impressed by the people of Richmond.We think Southern hospitality is a universal life skill, not a regional curiosity.

And when there’s nothing more we can do,

We’ll Do More. Give More. Love More.

We are The Doorways.

Between Healing and Home.

Meet Our Team

These are the people who make our mission possible. Learn more about what drives them each day.

Meet Our Team