Shawn M. Walker

Chief Financial Officer

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Shawn M. Walker (Profile Photo)

Shawn Walker, CMA, CSCA, is responsible for the accuracy and integrity of The Doorways’ financial records. Shawn started with The Doorways in July 1998 and continued to pursue opportunities to enhance her critical accounting and financial management skills, earning her Certified Management Accountant designation in 2009. Shawn finds it very rewarding to work for a well-run, transparent organization that provides a critical service that impacts the lives of so many families.

My first job: I had a newspaper route when I was 13

Something most people don’t know about me: I study and teach Shotokan Karate

Some of my hobbies include: Cycling, exercising, watching the Food Network

My favorite spot around town is: The Capital Trail and Three Lakes Park

My favorite line of our mantra is: "We believe in being there until we're not needed instead of leaving when we get tired."

My favorite season is: Summer...and going to the pool!