Make a Difference

Give. Volunteer. Share.


Every dollar makes a difference in the well-being of thousands who enter our doors
each year. Your generous financial gifts create a sense of home for our guests in
medical crisis and touch their lives in remarkable ways.


  • Giving comforts.

$35 provides full service to one person for one day/night.

  • Giving recharges.

$750 provides a safe lodging environment for
guests receiving bone marrow transplants.

  • Giving refreshes.

$100 provides full service to one family for one day/night.

  • Giving brings closer.

$1,250 eliminates the commute for families accessing
cancer treatments.

  • Giving serves those who serve us.

$250 provides the average stay for our 650 veteran guests.

  • Giving restores.

$2,500 ensures 7 organ transplant patients are close to the
hospital when they get the call they’ve been waiting for.

  • Giving nurtures.

$500 provides the average stay for our 475 pediatric guests.

  • Giving provides.

$5,000 allows 142 people to access life-saving diagnostic tests
not available in their own communities. 


Your Gift Helps Our Guests – Click Each Image to Read Their Story!

Child Photo

Pediatric Guest



Transplant/Caregiver Guest



Breast Cancer Guest



Bone Marrow Transplant Guest


Donations keep our doors open.
The Doorways is the only hospitality house in the country that operates on donations alone. The per-guest, per-night cost for lodging and full amenities is about $50; however, each guest is only asked
for a suggested donation of $15 per night. More than 50% of our guests still cannot afford
this discounted cost. And no guest is ever turned away because of the inability to pay!